Benefits of Using Task Cards with ELLs

Benefits of Using Task Cards with ELLs

Benefits of Using Task Cards with English Language Learners

Task cards are a great tool for teaching English Language Learners. They present information in small chunks and increase student engagement. Task cards are easy to provide differentiation and target skills. They are also ideal for partner activity.

Task Card Benefit Student Engagement

Task cards help students to stay engaged. My students loved using task cards, especially when they got to work with a classmate. You can use them in many different ways. Try setting them out around the room. Students take a recording sheet and travel to the cards. Another idea is the use task cards along with board games. After answering a question students get a turn at the game.

Task Card Benefit Short Text

Most task cards are about the size of an index card. There is not enough room for long text. This is ideal for students learning English. It allows them to focus on one idea at a time when they are practicing a new skill. Short text is also great for students that are intimidated with reading to see small bits at a time and not get overwhelmed the same way they might with a worksheet.

Task Card Benefit Target Skills

There are many task cards available to target specific skills. Task cards typically only have a sentence or a few short paragraphs. That is an ideal length to focus on one skill at a time. This helps students gain confidence in the new skill. They can then apply it to longer texts including independent reading. I have sets for Main IdeaPrefixes & Suffixes, and Cause & Effect to name a few.

Task Card Benefit Easy to Differentiate

There are many task cards that teach the same skill but are available in different levels. This is ideal for differentiation. I have created sets the give picture support for the basic levels and more complex text for students with more advanced language. You can also differentiate by having students complete different numbers of task cards. This allows them to work at their own pace without worrying about how much work others are doing.

Task Card Benefit Great for Partner Activities

Task cards work well for partner activities. Students can quiz each other or work collaboratively to come up with an answer. Working with a partner also adds in a speaking element to task card activities. This is a great way to integrate oral language development with content learning.

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