Camping Books for ELLs

Camping Books for ELLs

6 Camping Books for ELLs

One of my favorite vacations as a child…and today was to go camping. Some of your students may also enjoy camping. Others have never had to opportunity to go.  Here are some camping books to introduce camping to students or just some fun stories for them to enjoy.

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Summer Camp Books

Be Prepared– In this graphic novel, Vera begs her mom to let her go to summer camp, like the other girls in her neighboorhood. She ends up going to a Russian summer camp. She faces challenges making friends and fitting in at camp just as she does at home. This book is loosely based on the author’s childhood. Interestingly the author states that now she enjoys camping as an adult.

How Tia Lola Saved the Summer– Miguel is disappointed that a family with three girls are coming to spend time with them this summer.  He was looking forward to a relaxing summer playing baseball after a difficult time in school the past year. His aunt Tia Lola help to make it an amazing summer by setting up her own summer camp in their Vermont home.

Away– A girl and her mom exchange sticky notes during the months leading up to the girl’s first time away at sleep-away camp. She adamantly states that she does not want to go. Finally, her grandmother shows her images from her mom’s first time at summer camp, and this helps to reassure her that she will have a good time.

Camping Books

Fatima’s Great Outdoors– Fatima enjoys going camping with her family after a difficult week at school. Listen to an interview with the author.

Camp Tiger– In this story a boy and his family go on their annual camping trip. The boy is nervous about starting first grade and growing up. A tiger comes and asked to have a place to sleep. The boy and the tiger become friends. During the rest of the story, the tiger personifies the growing independence of the young boy.

Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems– This is a beautiful and simple collection of poems about different aspects of going camping. There are pictures to illustrate the main idea of the poems. This is a great introduction to many of the concepts of camping even for those that have never been.

Backpacker ABCs– This alphabet book tells a story of kids going on a hike during a backpacking trip. The book has simple rhymes and simple illustrations.

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