Comparing Adjectives File Folder Games

Comparing Adjectives File Folder Games

comparing adjectives file folder games


File folder games are a fun way for students to practice vocabulary concepts. They are a simple way to store game pieces and allow students to independently practice skills. Once students learn how to play a file folder game they can become part of a center.

My Comparing Adjectives File Folder Games offer two levels of puzzles for students to practice with. They are a fun way for students to practice vocabulary and learn about comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

Currently I have 4 sets of file folder games with 6 sets of words each.


The adjectives included are:

Comparing Adjectives Set 1-
tall, taller, tallest
old, older, oldest
young, younger, youngest
sad, sadder, saddest
angry, angrier, angriest
dirty, dirtier, dirtiest
Comparing Adjectives Set 2-
long, longer, longest
deep, deeper, deepest
fat, fatter, fattest
big, bigger, biggest
fast, faster, fastest
high, higher, highest
Comparing Adjectives Set 3-
warm, warmer, warmest
strong, stronger, strongest
loud, louder, loudest
cheap, cheaper, cheapest
busy, busier, busiest
near, nearer, nearest
Comparing Adjectives Set 4-
beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful
difficult, more difficult, most difficult
comfortable, more comfortable, most comfortable
careful, more careful, most careful
expensive, more expensive, most expensive
bad, worse, worst

Each set comes with: Game mats, playing cards, answer key, cover sheet, directions


Glue the game boards to a file folder. You can put one version on the front and the second on the back, or glue on the directions and answer key to the back. Laminate the file folder and game pieces. Cut out the puzzle pieces. A ziplock bag is a great place to store them. Students can place the puzzle pieces onto the game mat. Another option is to use velcro dots so that the puzzle pieces stay in one place.

Level 1 Students match the pictures of the adjective with the words on the file folder game mat.

comparing adjectives file folder puzzle

Level 2 Students put the picture and words in order on the game mat.

comparing adjectives file folder puzzle

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