Why Cut Apart a Worksheet?

Why Cut Apart a Worksheet?

Worksheets are one way to give students practice with a specific skill. One way to take a traditional worksheet and make it more interactive is to cut apart the worksheet. You can then use the cut up questions in a number of ways. This can help keep some students more engaged then completing worksheets in the traditional way.

Interactive Notebook

After completing a worksheet how often do students look back at them? If the answer is never, consider setting up an interactive notebook. This way all of the materials about a subject are in one place. Students can look back and reference previous information.

One way to use traditional worksheets in an interactive notebook is the cut apart each question. Then students answer the questions one at a time then glue them into the notebook.

short long a vowels worksheet short long a vowels notebook

This is also a great way to give students additional practice. Have them complete the worksheet first. Then have a section that has questions from a set of worksheets on the same topic already cut out. Students select one question at a time to complete. Since the questions are mixed up students might not realize that they have already answered them.

Create Clip Cards

A worksheet with multiple choice questions can seem tedious for students, especially young ones. Cut apart the questions and then give the student closepins. They put the closepin over the correct answer.

spring picture matching

Add in Additional Practice

When you cut apart a worksheet you are easily able to add in additional practice. For example, if the directions have a student trace and write a word you can give out magnetic letters and have them build each word next to the cut apart section.

cvc word worksheets

Easy to Modify Assignment

When you are cutting apart a worksheet it is easy to give students different numbers of questions without them realizing that this is happening.

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Why Cut Apart a Worksheet?

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