Digital Learning with ELLs

Digital Learning with ELLs

Here is a collection of digital learning tips and resources to use with ELLs.

Teaching Online

If your school is moving towards digital learning and you will be teaching online due to the Corona Virus, here are some things to keep in mind. Make plans for students that do not have access to technology. One alternative is to provide packets of work. Start with using digital tools that students are familiar with and then slowly introduce new platforms as you need. Zoom is one way to hold virtual class meetings. It does use more bandwidth than a recorded video.

Tips for using Google Apps

  • Make sure that you are logged into the correct Google account.
  • When you assign something to students, typically you want to make a copy for each student.
  • If students do not need to use the menu bar tools, have them view assignments at full screen (view- full screen) This can be less distracting for younger students and beginning ELLs.
  • If your student’s computer has a screen reader installed, then they can highlight text and select Accessibility- speak- speak selection to hear the selected text read aloud.

Google App Resources

digital how to writing prompts

I am working on converting my writing prompt task cards into a digital google slides format. You are able to get the digital version separately or buy any of the print versions and also have access to the digital version. There are three versions included. One where students see a picture and writing prompt along with a space to type their response. The second also has a word bank. The third has a word bank and sentence frames.

digital writingStudents click on the text box to start writing. They can view the page in full screen to have the most space available for writing.

digital cvc middle e activities

I am working on converting my CVC Reading and Writing set into a digital format.

Google Slide cvc e books There are short books for the CVC vowels. Audio is coming soon! The file has all of the books together. Consider making a copy and deleting the ones you do not want your students to have access or sending them a few at a time.

Google Slide cvc matching activity Drag and drop activity. Students move the word next to the matching picture. These pages work great in full screen view.

Google Slide cvc worksheet Type the word activity. Students type the word in the text box next to each picture. There are two versions, one with and without a word box. Consider making a copy and then only sending students the version the best fits their needs.

digital learning with ELLs

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