Digital Newcomer Vocabulary

Digital Newcomer Vocabulary

Learning basic vocabulary will help newcomer students improve in all areas of English development. Students with basic reading skills can benefit from reading simple sentences and matching pictures with words. Google slides is one format students can use the practice new vocabulary. Learn more about teaching newcomer ELLs

Accessibility Tools

For students that are not able to read in English, having a screen reader can help them improve their English.

Newcomer Vocabulary Digital Practice

This is a set of basic vocabulary in Google Slides. You can also read about a print set of vocabulary materials. The digital set includes:

  • Colors and prepositions– students match color words with the color. Then practice putting colored objects into the correct place according to the preposition.
  • Animal riddles– students match animal pictures with the animal name, read a simple riddle and find the animal, read a riddle, and put the animal in the correct habitat.
  • Community Helpers– Students match the community helper with their name. Then they read a simple description and put the worker by the building that they work in. There is a short quiz where students match the names of workers and buildings into a sentence frame.

Watch this demonstration to learn more about the animal vocabulary set.

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