Diverse Books about Mothers and Families for ELLs

Diverse Books about Mothers and Families for ELLs

10 Diverse Books about Mothers and Families for Ells

Diverse Books about Mothers and Families for English Language Learners

Here is a collections of books about mothers and families from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Some can be used as read alouds for newcomers and students learning about family. Most celebrate different ways that mothers are special.

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Diverse Books about Mothers 

My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me– This rhyming book highlights moms from around the world. It tells how they moved, things they do that are different, special, and unique.

Mango, Abuela, and Me-MIa’s abuela comes to live with her in the city. At first it is difficult for them to community since her Abula speaks Spanish and Mia speaks English. Then Mia remembers how her teacher and classmate helped a new student learn English. Mia also gets a special pet for her Abula. Slowly the two are able to understand each other.

Cora Cooks Pancit– Cora finally gets to help her mom make pancit, a Filipino noodle dish. With Mama’s help she is able to assist with all of the steps.

Hairs/Pelitos– In this bilingual book, a girl describes the hair of friends and family in her life. She uses descriptive language and similes. Her mothers hair is the most special.

Love To Mama: A Tribute To Mothers (English and Spanish)– A wide range of poets from different Spanish speaking backgrounds share poems about moms and women. Here is a Book Guide with teaching ideas to accompany this book.

Mommy’s Khimar– A young girl describes her mother’s khimar (hijab) and tells all the things she can do with it.

My Mother’s Sari– In this book a young girl shows different things that her mother’s sari can be used for.

Mama Do You Love Me? followers a mother and daughter living in the arctic as the girl asks her mother how much she loves him. The mother gives examples using cultural references. This book would go well with asking questions and answering questions as the boy asks: How much, How far, How long, ext.

Diverse Books about Families

Stella Brings the Family– Stella’s class is having a mother’s day celebration and she is worried about what to do because she had two dads. She decides to bring all of the people that help take care of her in the way that a mother does to the celebration.

My Family Your Family– Follows a young girl as she visits neighbors of different backgrounds. Her mother is pregnant and she is looking for ideas about what makes each family special as they help take care of her.

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