ELD Writing Lessons

ELD Writing Lessons

Do your ELD (English Language Development) students need support with writing? Do you work with ELLs with multiple language levels at the same time? Or do you go into a classroom during writing and not always know how to support students during their writing time? Today, I am going to show you a set of  ELD writing lessons.

Short Lessons

These lessons take around 30 minutes each. You can extend them to about 45 minutes or shorten them to a 5-10 mini-lesson. If you use them as a short mini-lesson, consider only having students talk about the vocabulary and pictures. Then, they can continue a separate writing assignment but look out for the focus lesson as they write.

Quickly Go to Each Lesson

The table of contents has clickable links. This way, you can quickly go to each lesson, both in print and digital form. Additionally, each lesson has an abbreviation that can be found on the worksheets and digital slides. This makes it easy to match up the material and keep everything organized.

Writing Lesson Table of Contents

Focused Lessons

Each lesson covers one part of speech or one aspect of writing a sentence. They include photographs, picture vocabulary, example sentences, and sentence frames.

Noun writing lesson

Speak then Write

First, have students list important vocabulary they find in the pictures (examples are included as well). Then, have them think individually and work with a partner to create simple sentences about the picture. Finally, have students write about the picture.

Speaking and writing with verbs


Each writing practice page includes two versions, one for students to write one-three guided sentences, the other where they write a story or longer information piece about the picture. Some of the vocabulary posters come in two versions, simple and complex.

Adjective posters and writing

Print and Digital

The lessons come in both print and digital Google Slides. For the print version there are posters and worksheets included in color and black and white. For the digital version the slides are designed so they work in present mode.

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