Gift Guide for Students

Gift Guide for Students

Students enjoy getting small gifts during the school year.  You can give students gifts for their birthday, a holiday, or the end of the school year. They don’t have to be expensive. They also don’t need to be candy. Many of these gifts make fun classroom incentives as well.

Target or the Dollar Store often have many of these items. If you prefer to shop online or want to buy in larger quantities Amazon has some deals.

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Student Gifts

Gift Bags– You can use the bags to hold other gifts. A fun activity is to have students use sharpies to decorate the bags.

Pencils– My students always got so excited about getting a new pencil that was their own. Sometimes as an added bonus, students are excited to use their new pencil during writing time.

Stickers– Kids love having their own sheet of stickers. These are great for craft projects and fine motor practice for young students. Older kids enjoy them as well.

Puffy Stickers
Animal Stickers






Brain Teasers– A fun way to build critical thinking skills and let kids play with their hands.

Erasers– Fun shaped erasers are a hit with students. Sometimes they use them to actually erase and other times they enjoy playing with shaped creatures.

Play Doh– These are great for encouraging creative play. Play Doh is also good for fine motor development, so if you have a younger student with poor handwriting squishing some playdough might just help strengthen their hand muscles.

Stamps– A set of mini stamps are an affordable way to let kids have their own stamp since you do not have to buy the ink pad separately.

Mini Notebooks– Kids can write or draw in these mini sized notebooks. They will enjoy the freedom to use them as they wish.






Gift guide for students

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