Halloween Books for ELLs

Halloween Books for ELLs

If you choose to introduce your ELLs to the holiday of Halloween, here are some fun books to use. I found books that include bilingual books, books that show the merging of cultures, and a basic history of Halloween. I also have suggestions for Halloween activities for ELLs to use as you are teaching.

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A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle– This is an anthology of short spooky stories from around the world. They would be fun read alouds for ELLs or guided reading texts for older students.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween– This spooky, rhyming Halloween book tells about the adventures of Los Gatos.

Behind the Mask– Kimin tries to think of a costume for Halloween. Then he finds a costume of his grandfather’s from Korea.

Pumpkin Eye- In this rhyming book each page has illustrations that go along with simple and descriptive vocabulary.

Only a Witch Can Fly-This is a story of a young witch that wishes she was able to fly. The text uses lyrical language. The pictures are beautiful block prints by illustrator Taeeun Yoo.

AlphaOops: H Is for Halloween– In this silly alphabet book the letters are out of order. Each letter is for a different Halloween themed word.

The Story of Halloween– This book gives historical information about different cultural traditions surrounding Halloween.

Halloween Books for ELLs

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