Building a Classroom Library

Building a Classroom Library


I love reading and hope to pass on this love to my students.  One way I try and do this is by having a large classroom library with a variety of books.  Currently I have over 500 titles.  I know this because my books are organized using Classroom Book Organizer

It may seem daunting if you are just starting out, but it is possible to build up an engaging classroom library for relatively little money.


  1. Donors Choose:  I have had great success getting materials from this site.  Be on the lookout for funding matches to help fund a project even faster.  Start out small.  Low cost projects have the best chance of success. I got a few sets of Graphic Novels by also asking for a series of easy to read mystery books when there was a funding match going on.
  2. Yard Sales & Thrift Stores: Be on the lookout for used books that fill a need in your classroom library.  You can often find new, or almost new books for much less than they cost new.
  3. Free Books:  If you live in the DC/Baltimore area check out The Book Thing.  This is a warehouse of donated, free books.  Most of the children’s books are stored in big tubs.  It is often a free for all to get books as they are brought out, but I have gotten many almost new books here, all for FREE.
  4. If you are a classroom teacher, I have read about success getting free books when students order Scholastic book orders.

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