Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day with ELLs

Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day with ELLs

Here are some ideas for celebrating Earth Day with your English Language Learners.

Go Outside

Look for ways to take lessons outside. Going outside is great for student engagement. A recent study described in Psychology Today describes the benefits of outdoor learning.

Read books about Conservation

Thank You Earth uses photographs and simple sentences to describe animals and natural resources.

Ten things I can do to help my world gives simple steps that kids can take to help the earth along with basic facts and colorful pictures.

Speak and Write about Conservation

Have students speak and/or write about ways they can conserve resources and recycle materials. I have a set of Help the Earth picture task cards to support ELLs.

Use Videos

There are many songs and short explanations of ways that kids can help the earth. Including visuals will help make this content more accessible to English Language Learners. Songs are also fun ways for ELLs to learn new vocabulary words.

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