Best Online Sites to Buy Used Books

Best Online Sites to Buy Used Books

I have been relying on ordering books online much more during the past few months (Boy do I miss going to my public library and thrift stores!) Amazon is probably one of the best-known sites for books. There are many others, including sites that offer used or overstock books at a low cost. Here is a list where you can buy used books online or get them for free.

Online Used Book Stores

Better World Books– This site has a large catalog of books. The ones I received were in good to ok condition. It included discarded library books. Some of the edges showed signs of wear. None of the books had writing on the insides. Currently, the site has free shipping with no minimum order. One nice feature is that when you order books the site also donates books to children in need. If you use my link you can save $5 off a purchase of $30 or more.

Mo Williams Books

Book Outlet– This site has a smaller selection of books available. The selection seems to change rather frequently. Almost all of the books that I received were in like-new condition. The shipping is $5 or free if you order $35 or more. If you use my link you can save $10 off a purchase of $25 or more.

Feeling Books

Other Ways to Find Used Books Online

Neighborhood Listserves and Facebook groups– I have gotten many books at a low cost or for free from parent listserves and Facebook groups. If there is a Buy Nothing Group near you they are also a great way to get free books.


I’d love to know if you have had a positive personal experience with other sites.

I have a large collection of suggestions for Diverse Books. Check them out to get some new ideas. These suggestions are geared towards English Language Learners but are great titles to includes in any classroom library.

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