Phonics Writing Practice

Phonics Writing Practice

phonics writing practice With ELLs

Using phonics writing activities is one way for students to practice their phonics skills. Writing helps students segment words and then write down the sounds that they hear. Students with more advanced phonics skills can practice vowel patterns, silent letters, and other letter combinations. When students are writing, they are practicing letter sound knowledge or encoding. Have students write words to practice a spelling pattern.

Word Chains or Word Ladders

Writing words with the same spelling pattern will give students repeated practice with that pattern. You can use word chains or word ladders.

Phonics Pictures

Use pictures that have words with the same spelling pattern. Students can label the picture or write a story that goes along with the picture. For some students, this is a more engaging way to practice writing. This also helps ELLs learn the meaning of the words.

Dictation Practice

You can also use dictation by telling students a word and having them write it down. It is best if you can give immediate feedback about whether the word is spelled correctly. If you are working with a group of students show them how to spell the word and have the student correct the spelling. If you are working with one student or a small group, repeat the word stretching out the word. You can also use your fingers to “tap” out the word, one tap for each sound. Then have the student try and fix the spelling.

Phonics Writing Practice

After students practice writing single words, have them practice using those words to create sentences or a story. This gives additional spelling practice. It is also an opportunity for students to think about the meaning of the words.

This is different than independent writing time when a student writes about a topic that they are interested in. In this case, the focus is on putting ideas onto paper.  Students should use phonics skills when they are taking part in independent writing, but the main focus should be ideas. I try and encourage students to spell words the best that they can and not limit their vocabulary to only the words that they can spell. Colorin Colorado gives more information about teaching spelling to ELLs.

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