Picture Phonics Assessments

Picture Phonics Assessments

Picture Phonics Assessments

When English Language Learners are practicing phonics skills, it is important to add in vocabulary instruction so that they know what the words they are learning to read and spell mean. One simple way to accomplish this is with pictures. Keep reading to get a FREE short vowel picture phonics assessment.

Use picture and word cards for students to read the word and then match them to the picture. As a spelling assessment, you can hold up a picture and have students spell the word on a sheet of paper or on a whiteboard.

picture phonics cards

I have premade assessments where students draw a line to connect the word and picture, write the word using a word bank, or cut out and glue the word. Choose the option that is best for each group of students, or use one version as practice and another as an assessment.

picture phonics word reading assessments

There are premade picture assessments where students spell the words next to pictures. Use the teacher answer key to tell students what the word is for each picture.

picture phonics spelling assessments

You can get a large set of short and long vowel phonics patterns. The assessments are designed sequentially not to require students to read or spell words with patterns that have not yet been introduced.

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Try out a short vowel set for FREE.

Get the Picture Phonics Assessments Bundle HERE.

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