Prefix and Suffix Task Cards for ELLs

Prefix and Suffix Task Cards for ELLs

Prefix and Suffix Task Cards

Learning about prefix and suffixes can help increase students vocabulary. When they learn about the meaning of common affixes the are able to greatly increase the number of words that they understand and can use. Reading vocabulary words in context helps to give them greater meaning than when they are in isolation.

I created a set of prefix and suffix task cards to help my ELLs read affixes in the context of a short paragraph. This set of task cards is geared towards third or fourth grades that are reading below grade level. They allow the students to independently read the sentences and focus on finding the words with affixes. Learn about using prefix and suffix task cards for ELLs.
prefix task cards

How to use the prefix and suffix task cards

Students can use highlighters or dry erase markers to highlight on the task cards. Or use a recording sheet where they write down the number of the task card along with the affixes that they find.

prefix task card with the prefixes highlighted

Learn More about Using Task Cards

There are many benefits to using task cards with ELLs. One of the benefits is student engagement. Read about 5 ways to use task cards to keep your ELLs engaged.

Buy Them Now

Get these task cards in my TPT store. They come with and without supplemental materials for teaching prefixes and suffixes.

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