Sight Word Puzzles

Sight Word Puzzles

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Sight words are incredibly important for students to learn how to read, yet can be challenging to learn. Many of them do not follow phonics patterns and do not have a picture associated with them. One of the best ways for students to learn them is in context. My sight word puzzles do just that. Learn additional Strategies for Teaching Sight Words to ELLs.

I am introducing a new set of Sight Word Puzzles to help students practice these words.

How They Work

Fall sight word puzzles

These puzzles are easy to cut out. They are available in color and black and white. There are three sets of words included. Two kindergarten words and a first-grade set. The puzzles are labeled A, B, C to help you keep the words separated. They work best when laminated for durability. Cut out the rectangles and then follow the middle line to create the puzzle piece.

Students read a sentence with a focus sight word bolded along with a picture on one puzzle piece and match it with the focus sight word. The puzzles are self-correcting.

Interactive Notebook Option

sight word puzzles notebook

These sight word puzzles work great in interactive notebooks. Simply print the black and white version two sheets to a page. This will reduce the size so that they will fit into a notebook. Students can cut out the puzzle pieces and match them up in their notebooks. An easy way to differentiate this activity is to have most students cut out the puzzle pieces separately from when they glue them into their notebook. For students that need extra assistance, have them cut out the pieces and then glue them at the same time.

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