Summer Reading Tips for ELLs

Summer Reading Tips for ELLs

Summer Reading Tips for ELLs

Summer Reading Tips for English Language Learners

One of the best ways to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary development is to READ. The summer is the perfect time for students to read for pleasure. The challenge is convincing reluctant readers to pick up a book when they are not in school.

Library Summer Reading Program

Many public libraries have a summer reading program. Children record the title of the books that they read and then turn in the list for a prize and/or take part in a celebration. This might provide the extra motivational push that some ELLs need to continue reading over the summer.

Books as Gifts 

Giving ELLs a book of their own make a great end of the year gift. Some ideas for getting free or low cost books are:

  • Use scholastic book points
  • Ask families for donations of books
  • Thrift stores/yard sales
  • See if you are eligible to partner with First Books

Review Book Genres

Your ELLs may not be aware of the different topics they can find a book about. A quick overview of books in your classroom library/the school library might spark interest in books a student didn’t know was there. Some students are more interested in nonfiction. Magazines or How-to books are great ideas for students that do not enjoy reading fiction.

Encourage Reading in their Native Language

If your ELLs are literate in another language then the summer time is for them to practice reading in that language.

  • Many libraries have bilingual sections.
  • If students have access to technology, the International Children’s Digital Library has free ebooks of books in a wide range of languages. Including some less common languages.

Summer Themed Books 

Take advantage of summer excitement by highlighting books about the season.
Here is a list of diverse books to share with students.

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