The 5 Best Cicada Books

The 5 Best Cicada Books


Introduce students to the fascinating cicada insects. These bugs emerge from the ground at different intervals. On the east coast of the US, they typically come out every 13 or 17 years. Create a text set with cicada books and videos.

Friend to Cicadas is a website designed by scientists to share information with children. It has videos, a workbook, and other educational materials.

Here is a list of cicada books to use with students.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… Cicadas!– Learn facts about the cicada by Dr. Martha Weiss, a biology professor at Georgetown University. This book has high-quality illustrations.

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The Cicadas are Coming– Learn about the periodical 17-year cicadas through high-quality photographs from award-winning author and photographer Doug Wechsler.

Cecily Cicada– In this fun rhyming book follow the journey of Cecily Cicada from underground to her emergence above ground.

Cicadas don’t bug me– Young students will enjoy learning about cicadas in this rhyming book with photographs.

Cicada– Read about an underappreciated cicada that words in an office building. The working cicada will change and grow just as real cicadas do. This picture book is written for older students by award-winning author Shaun Tan.

Introduce students to cicadas with this All About Cicada mini book. It has simple facts and goes over the life cycle of a cicada. There is also a decodable version included for students able to read CVC words. The books come in a print and digital format in color and black and white. It also comes with graphic organizers.


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