The Best Winter Books for ELLs

The Best Winter Books for ELLs

In some parts of the world, wintertime means cold temperatures and snow. In other areas, it is the rainy season and cool. Here are some books to help introduce English Language Learners to the winter season with my picks for the best winter books for ELLs.

In Ten Ways to Hear Snow, a young girl listens to the different sounds that snow makes as she walks to her grandmother’s house. The girls and grandmother make the Lebanese food of warak enab, and talk about the snow together.

In Snow Doves, Sami moves into a new house in a new country. Sami appears nervous about the snow. Joy comes over and shows Sami that playing in the snow can be fun. This is a wordless picture book. 

In When this World Was New Danilito travels to the United States and experiences his first winter with snow. He is nervous to start at a new school where all the other kids speak English. His father helps him to overcome his fear of the snow and give his new school a chance. 

Lee and Low has a teachers guide to go with this book.

In Goodbye Autumn, Hellow Winter two kids take a walk and see the signs in nature that wintertime is coming. This book has beautiful illustrations and simple repeating language.

Winter Wonderland National Geographic is written from the point of view of winter. It uses photographs and gives an overview of the season of winter.

In The Snow Dancer Sofia moves and dances in the snow. She hears the different sounds that the snow and ice make. Consider comparing and contrasting this book with Ten Ways to Hear Snow.

Discover even more winter books to use with your students with this list of Diverse Winter Books by Diverse Authors.

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