Tips for Funding a Donors Choose Project

Tips for Funding a Donors Choose Project

Tips for funding a Donors Choose Project

I have benefited from Donors Choose projects many times over the years. I have even gotten funding to purchase materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. To request a project you first need to set up an account. Then the site will walk you through writing a project.

Click HERE to get started setting up an account.(I also get a referral bonus).

Tips for Funding a Donors Choose Project

Be Strategic About When You Post Projects

Back to school is a popular time for people to donate to projects. Over the past few years there have even been some flash funding events around back to school. The end of the calendar year is another great time to have a project posted. People are completing end of the year donations. I have had many projects funded by one individual at the end of December.

Use Project Matches

Throughout the year there are project mathes when you create a project that meets specific guidelines. That sometimes means only ordering from one company (often Quill has one at back to school time) or creating a project around a specific topic.

Ask Friends, Family, and Your School Community for Help

Especially for your first few projects family and friends are typically willing to donate. Sharing a message about your project on Facebook is a great way to let them know. If you are a classroom teacher, you can let your families know about your project. Emphasize that donations of any amount are helpful. Projects with a large number of unique donors show up higher in the search results and are more likely to be featured.

Join Facebook Groups

Again unique donor numbers matter. There are Facebook groups to get the word out about your projects and work with other teachers to get each others projects funded. A few to check out are:

Teachers Trading Teachers

Caring Classrooms 

Create a Donors Choose Project Now

What are you waiting for? Try out creating a Donors Choose project.

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