Vocabulary Building File Folder Games

I have some newcomers that I just started working with.  They love games so I came up with some file folder games to help them practice basic vocabulary.  The students are at two different levels: some are able to read the others has some basic letter sound knowledge.  All have low expressive vocabulary.

We are practicing nouns and where to find them.  The game board are different rooms either in a house or school.  The cards are nouns or verbs.  There are two different levels.  The lower level just has the picture.  The more advanced cards have a sentence frame and picture.  The two sets of cards allow the newcomers to play together, simply choosing from their own deck of cards.  They pick a card read it and then cover the room that the item is found in.  For my nonverbal students they do this all silently but to hear the names of the items.

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